07. Jacqueline S. Casey

This week I learned that It is unfortunate but true that Women have always been treated as the inferior, minority sex. However, I believe they have contributed to important aspects in life, and have gained influence in graphic design and have even become recognized and gained their space in the society. Though these women are equally talented and their potential is the same as men, they are not treated equally to men. Just to mention a great example: Jacqueline S. Casey was a very talented Graphic Designer best know for the poster she created while working at the (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology.





What I really like about Casey’s posters is the striking image, bold typography that is accompanied by details in a small text. Her style is eye catching, well balance and very powerful. The use of small text in combination with a large image creates a very unique design. In my opinion one of the best.


3041  graphicdesign-e784a23e24d89ddf61780334de8bebb4_h

I really believe, after seeing her work, that she accomplishes what she desirers in her work like she notes: “My job is to stop anyone I can with an arresting or puzzling image, and entice the viewer to read the message in small type and above all to attend the exhibition.”                     Like I mentioned before, her work has a great impact in the audience’s eye. There is no way you can watch her work and walk away without intriguing what is the message behind.





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